Report of executive secretary Co-operative Federation of Nigeria (CFN) to the CFN meeting held in Abuja on 21 February, 2018


  1. Introduction. This is a report of CFN programmes/activates from 5th CFN Congress, Minna, 6-7 November 2017 to 20th February 2018. The report gives a highlight of 5th CFN congress, CFN 2018 work plan/budget, office accommodation, and staff matters, funding CFN programmes (Board/CWC/ICA Meetings, advocacy/lobby Visitsetc), Gombe/North center Zonal consultative forum, and ICA Africa co-operative Development Strategy, Morocco (2017-2020).
  • 5th CFN Congress, Minna, 6-7 November 2017. This was about the best of congresses organized by CFN in Port Harcourt 2000, Bauchi 2005, Ado- Ekitti 2009, and Minna , 2014, especially given the background of the severe Financial and time constraints under which it was organized.
  • Pre-congress Workshop. In the interim report showed 425 participant registered for the pre-congress workshop, specific thanks to the efforts of host Niger State, and Lagos, but also all other States to provide by the host, and the personal presence of the Niger State Governor. Dr. Abubakar Bello, coupled with the attendance of the Federal Director of Co-operatives and his team, as well as Chief Mrs. E. Adoyomi, Chairperson Board of Directors of AP Plc, Lagos and other Board members of the organization, not to talk of the guest speaker Dr. Chiyogesifa, the Alliance Africa Regional Director, and the MD/CEO of AP Plc, one of the speakers at the congress will be submitted after CFN Secretariat and LOC Chairman immediately after the congress gave an income of about N6million while income was about the narrative and Financial report.
  • Election. Election were conducted in strict compliance with CFN Bye-Laws, specifically with reference CFN Bye-Law 12 which subject member privilege on prior discharge of a member’s financial obligations to the CFN.

Consequently, only 11(eleven) affiliates, made up of eight (8) State Federations, and three other co-operatives, two special primary co-operative societies and one State Sectorial Apex. Members appointed Mrs. Oguntuyi and Malamidris,deputy Directors in Federal department of co-operatives to the congress as Returning Officers, they were assisted by CFN ES. The result of the election are follow: Mr. Tajudeen Oriyomi Ayeola, President, C omrade Labarn Garba, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, High Chief Ebikir Akpolo and Hijia Hadiza Hassan Danga as Treasurer. About one week after the congress a letter of complaint was sent to HMARD Chief Audu Ogbe, CON. Following due consultations CFN thought it wise to respond to the complaint due to the spurious, and baselessness of the allegations contained in the letter. CFN heard no further development about this complaint so far.

  • Constitution of CFN Zonal Coordinators. The General Meeting resolved among other things that henceforth one Zonal Condinator should be nominated from each of the six CFN Zones. Including those zones from which CFN four officers, President, first, second VP, and Treasure, have been elected. The Board is expected to deliberate on these nominations at this Meeting, in order to facilitate the constitution of the central working committee (CWC)
  • CFN 2018 Work Plan. Components of the work plan are: CFN 2018 Roadmap which is broken down into programmes/ Activates in the template,

ANNEXA. Highlights of the work plan are stated below:

  • Retreat For CFN Board. This Activity will to a large extent, smoothen the harmonious functioning, and sharpen the skills of the new Board leading to mutual understanding, and shared learning needed to achieve CFN collective goals and aspirations. Above all, if the experience of the immediate past board is anything to go by, it is imperative to organize this event. It is also suggested that careful selection of Executive members or Presidents of specialized co-operatives, unions, and primary societies be invited to participant in the purposed retreat.
  • 4th CFN Summit 2018. The first co-op summit was held in Abuja in 1996, the second “attempt” was in Abuja while the 3rd was hosted by Imo Co-operative federation in 2018.

Highlighted of this summit include:

  1. Organize a CFN Extra- Ordinary General Meeting to adopt CFN Draft Amendment Bye-Laws for submission to the federal department of co-operatives for endorsements.
  2. Organize a CFN Members Forum with a view to producing a CFN strategic plan (2018-2020)
  3. Unveil Nigeria top 300 co-operatives which is a profile of the biggest in business terms, co-operatives in line with ICA Global 300;
  4. Hold a summit grand finale on the ICA/UN 2018 International co-operative day theme or as Board deems fit.
  5. Budget. The budget component of the work plan has some setbacks, one of which is the fact that the CWC having not been formed yet either mandate the CWC to scrutinize the Budget for submission to the Board next meeting, not later than early April 2018 or authorize the CWC to be formed to adopt the budget on behalf of the Board.
  6. Staff Matters. Currently there only two, the ES and the Accounts/Administrative Officer. The main issues under here include:
  7. A backlog of salary arrears
  8. Measures of ensuring regular payment of salaries,
  9. A salary review is due now at a time the Federal Government is reviewing the wages of Federal Civil Servants. Since 2010 CFN staff members have not enjoyed any salary increase, or promotion since 1998.
  10. Last year the ES gave a notice of retirement on account of retirement age. However, the CWC, un view of the CFN 2017 congress, coupled with the imminent CFN leadership transition, prevailed on the ES to defer his decision to go on retirement so as to facilitate a smooth transition of leadership. With the new leadership in place now it is pertinent for the Board, as a matter of urgency to initiate a succession plan to enable the ES proceed on retirement as soon as possible.
  11. At the same time, it is very important to hire, at least two staff, one qualified and experienced Secretary, and a programme officer to strengthen the capacity of the secretariat to bring about the changes required to add value to affiliates and co-operatives in the country in general
  12. Consequent upon the adoption of the CFN strategic framework later in 2018 it will become necessary to adopt a new CFN Staff condition of service,
  •              CFN Office Accommodation. I have the pleasure to report, and we should thank LASCOFED Ltd, for giving CFN, on gratis, an office space that measured 16.5 meters in ogba Lagos. I resumed work with my colleague, the Accounts/Administration Officers, at the Lagos office on the 9th January 2018. This followed the nod given by the Board at its inaugural meeting held in Abuja on 14 December 2018 to the CFN President to his request to approach the Board of LASCOFED for an office space to serve as a branch office for CFN in Abuja in principle already in view. what remains is how to both partition and furnish these two offices with furniture, file cabinets, window blinds and air conditioning systems.
  • North East, North Central, consultative forum, Gombe, 6 February 2018. The Federal Department of Co-operatives organized a forum for Presidents of State Federations, including State Directors of Co-operative from North Central and north east geo-political zones of the country. CFN was represented at the forum by the CFN Treasure, Hajia Hadiza Danga, who also presented a CFN Paper on, “The role of CFN in the promotion of linkages and co-operative entrepreneurship development in Nigeria. The   Treasurer is expected to give a brief report of this forum.
  • ICA/ICA Africa Programmes. The ICA global elected a new President at its General Assemble / International conference held in Kaula Lumpur, Malaysia on 13-17 November, 2017. He is Mr. Former CEO of CICOPA, (ICA Sectorial organization for artisanal and Industry cooperatives), as its new director- General. Both the ICA President and DG have resumed duties. Meanwhile, Mr. Stanley Muchiri, of Kenya Cooperative Alliance remains the ICA International Vice President, Africa. The ICA has released the theme of the 2018 International Cooperative Day. The theme is: to be celebrated on first Saturday of 7th July, 2018 all over the world. in addition, ICA African has extended a formal invitation to CFN to the Ministerial Cooperative Technical Committee (MCTC) schedule for Maputo, Mozambigue, southern African (not south African), may 2018. A workshop for co-operative leaders/ managers and directors to hold before the MCTC on 28th May 2018.   

Board members are encouraging to participate and sensitize State directors in their respective States to participate. The MCTC prepares reports to be presented to the Africa co-operative Ministerial conference (ACMC) to be held sometimes in October 2018. In addition, ICA African has written to the Hon. Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development requesting him to host the event. It is believed that this requests receiving attention. Last but not the least is the ICA African co-operative development strategy morocco (2017-2020). This frame work is the output of research on co-operative development challenges facing the co-operative movements of African, Nigeria inclusive, the Board is therefore enjoined to consider the adaptation of this strategy frame work CFN Programmes/ activates, as well as adaptation by states for diligent implement towards the development of cooperative entrepreneurship in the country.

  • Conclusion.The foregoing is a combination of reports of activates from CFN congress held in Minna, 6-7 November 2017, and a synopsis of CFN 2018 work plan, details of which are provided in the CFN 2018 work plan template.